This is How You Select The Best Ear Warmers For Running

Outdoor running and workouts during the winter season pose serious challenges of freezing out the external body organs. Everything needs to be protected from harsh weather conditions to keep your body metabolism balanced during the workout. Where some people opt for the option of making a halt to running and workout during the winter, the right equipment can protect you from harsh conditions allowing you to keep your running going. You must protect your hands, head, and ears by using gloves, headbands, and ear warmers. 

Many people might not concentrate on the protection of ears as much as they concentrate on the protection of other organs. Ears are extremities, located farther from the heart and thus are not bathed by blood as lavishly as others, which increase the chances of frostbite in-ear due to cold. 

Leaving out the ears open during the running in winter may cause discomfort and pain in-ear, also causing an ear infection. While it may sound exaggerated, certain researches suggest hearing loss, too, due to exposure to extreme colds for long times.

Well, these cautions and fears might have compelled you to think about getting ear-warmers for you to protect your ears. Choosing from a wide variety of ear warmers across the market might be a confusing task. But no worries; this article has got it all to help you choose perfect ear-warmers for you.

What To Look For

The first thing before buying an ear warmer is to know what to look for in-ear warmer before buying. Here are some very crucial points to consider before buying an ear warmer.

  • An ear warmer must be easy to carry. You should look for ear warmers that can be folded, twisted, and can be fitted easily in your gym bag or backpack.
  • The sole purpose of an ear warmer is to keep the ears warm during running. If it does not have the essential mechanism to keep your ears warm, it will serve no purpose.
  • Comfort is always the key. Be it in the case of clothes, footwear, or other accessories. You should look for the desired comfort factor in the ear warmer before buying. 
  • The fabric is not the thing to be compromised. Your ear warmers must have a softer fabric to keep your ears safe. Ear warmers must not ache your ears.
  • Another important feature to look for is the fabric which is machine washable. This will help to clean out the sweat. You should look for knits that are moisture-wicking.

Having all these features in your mind, it will be easy to choose the perfect ear warmers. Well, we have made your work easier by listing some of the best ear warmers below;

Our Top 3 Picks

1. 180s Fleece Ear Warmer

180s Fleece Ear Warmer is exclusively built for deep winter which gives you that extra warmth and protection you are looking for. It has polyester insulation having 97% polyester and 3% spandex. Its behind the head design provides you the desired comfortable fit keeping your ears safe.

It can be twisted to carry it easily and can be worn with glasses on.

2. Obacle Ear Warmer Headband

Obacle ear warmer headband is a headband and ear warmer in one. It’s perfect for running in cold weather. It is thin and lightweight exerting no burden on the head or ears. 

Its sweatband absorbs sweat and keeps the head and ears is perfectly fit and does not slip from your head easily.  

It can be helpful for multiple functions like yoga, skiing, playing outdoor games and running, etc.

3. Lambar Studios Ear Warmers

Lambar Studios Ear Warmers can be used for workout purposes as well as fashion purposes. They are a little wider than general ear warmers.  Though they are neutral in color but have a variety of patterns to offer.  The fabric used in them is a faux fur lining which makes no irritation to the skin. 

However, due to faux fur lining, they can move around your ears which will require adjusting them frequently.